tribes (noun): a distinctive or close-knit group.

At Jubilee Student Ministries our Tribes are the best!


Tribe Vibes.

Our tribes are the lifeblood of JSM. Connections made socially and spiritually serve to support students in their walk with God.

The Block

Throughout our Block Party students get the opportunity to connect and discuss with their Tribe. Connections are made prior to service with announcements and attendance and following our message we dive deeper into the word and meaning of what the Lord is teaching us.


Bible Study Leader.

Saturday Nights are a great way for students who thrive in a smaller setting to connect and grow. A group discussion is facilitated with our JSM Staff and Student Leaders to dig deeper into the messages from our Block Party. Students of all ages are encouraged to come!

Retreat Leaders

Leading a groups of students when they are placed in different groups and surrounding is an awesome way to see God reveal His majesty. The growth students experience at Retreat is an awesome experience.